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Free Will and Moral Viewpoint of Teen Prostitution

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Explain in detail the independent variables for teen prostitution free will and moral viewpoints. Free will and moral viewpoints are very difficult to measure. How can you measure this for teen prostitution?

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The independent variable of free will with respect to teen prostitution would be described as an individual's power of self-determination and control of their thoughts and actions. This essentially means that a teen prostitute has freedom to cognitively/rationally decide as to whether or not to engage in prostitution. What is interesting about this concept is the fact that this independent variable does not seem to be so independent at the teenage level of development, due to the fact that an individual's will and judgment center is located in the frontal lobe of that individual's brain, biological factors as well as genetic factors may influence this individual's level of free will, and or the characteristics of their free will.

In addition, ...

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This solution describes the influence of free will and morality on teen prostitution decisions.

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