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Teenage Prostitution in the United States

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I am looking for an article that can help me with literature on teen prostitution. Can you give me a brief summary of this topic as well.

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Dear Scholar,

Concerned Women for America compiled a thorough investigation into teenage prostitution, its causes, challenges to combating, possible solutions, and detailed criminal reporting records. This is the link to the report:

At the end of the study, you will find an extensive end-note section, where a plethora of related literature can be found.

Brief summary of the CWA study:

Teen prostitution is defined as the act of anyone between the ages of 13-17 years old, engaged in sexual activity for the exchange of money or other forms of payment.

It is thought ...

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This solution provides a response to general information on teenage prostitution within the United States. It includes a link to the "Concerned Women for America" study on teenage prostitution.