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Help for Social Change Paper

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Please help me with the Person # 2
Comparison of possible findings regarding change
Analysis of how social organizations can change over 10 years and the effects on the employees.

Please help me with 400 words and then I can write the whole paper.

Please see the survey questions at the bottom.

Person 2:
c/ Comparison of possible findings regarding change
d/ analysis of how social organizations can change over 10 years and the effects on the employees.
e/ conclusion

Open ended questions.
What makes your work environment a disrespectful place?
What makes your work environment a respectful place?
Have you ever observed or experienced any type of racial discrimination or harassment at this company?
What could the company do to enhance your satisfaction as a company employee?

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you once again for using Brainmass. As you requested, I have created a solution for you but I have had to make some assumptions since you did not indicate the kind of survey your group was doing and what kind of organization it is. Therefore, this solution is more general than particular but it should get you started. I only focused on the questions for Person 2 as you requested. If you need further clarification or changes for your final paper and you have extra information that can help, you can post it later on and we can 'polish' your final paper.
OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

Social Organizations & Change/Person 2

Findings on Organizational Change

Organizational change happens for varied reasons. Studies and findings show that organizations change to cope with the challenges of the environment for the purpose of growth, resilience, survival and competition. Trends in business affect for-profit organizations while change in the needs & demands of society affect secondary organizations like government agencies, religious groups, schools, military organizations and referential/community organizations like hobby groups, ...

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The solutions provides guidance, discussions and ideas to get the student started in preparing a paper on social change by providing answers and samples to explain what is being asked from Person 2 (see problem above). References are listed for expansion. an explanation on what the solution about is listed in the 'student message'. References are listed for expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.

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