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    Music Middle Ages to the Renaissance

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    What changed and why from The Middle Ages to The Renaissance. Based on how people lived, their way of life, the jobs they held (especially in music), and the clothes they wore. Based on this how has music changed?

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    As you look at life in the Middle Ages, small towns based largely upon agriculture and rural activities dominated, so music reflected those premises. Since power was mostly held by the nobles and one's status was determined by birthright, these social ramifications also permeated the music. I align the melodies of Middle Ages music with the long, asymmetrical, and texted melodies as indicative because life was also at this pace.

    Because of the Hundred Years War and other conflicts, the restless and active rhythms might also have been inspired.
    Guilds and the importance of Christianity also seemed to resonate in the music of the era. In terms of social factors, you might also note how "Social activities were important, and every citizen in a medieval town would be expected to attend. Fairs with troubadours and acrobats ...

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    Music from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance and its changes are noted.