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    The Stanford Prison Study

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    Using the library, find and read the Standford Prison Study. Pay special attention to the outcome of the experiment.
    Please discuss how Zimbardo's findings apply to similar, real-life events happening today. Be sure to find and present examples of the concepts introduced in the experiment in your discussion (use your own words).

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    A famous sociological study is The Stanford Prison Study conducted by Philip Zimbardo in the early 1970s.

    Zimbardo's study came up with several crucial findings, from which I would point out the following:
    1. Prisons depersonalize inmates.
    2. Prisons are not successful in rehabilitating inmates.
    3. Prisons have the potential of transforming guards into perpetrators.
    4. There is a direct relationship between the environment and the human behavior. In this sense, a negative environment induces negative behavior (it can also be assumed that the opposite is also true; this would be another study).

    In theory, the fundamental idea behind incarceration is ...

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