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Ethical Issues of the Stanford Prison Experiment

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Visit the Stanford Prison Experiment website to learn more about this famous experiment. The website has slides and movies of the experiment, which were done very realistically. You will also see how an elaborate psychological experiment was conducted, and why, and its ethical limits. Write a paper of 250-500 words in which you summarize and describe this experiment.

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The Zimbardo prison experiment was a historical experiment that I think had an effect on how human research subjects are protected more when research is being conducted. In this study, Zimbardo chose 21 male college students (which were screened for any psychological illness). The participants were randomly assigned either prison guard or prisoner in a simulated prison environment. Because the simulation was to be a real as possible, the prisoners were arrested at their own homes and taken to the local police station to be booked. The "guards" were given khaki clothes, whistles, handcuffs and dark glasses to wear. The "prisoners" were taken to a mock prison setting, stripped naked, deloused, and given prison clothing and bedding. They were only referred to by a number that was written on their ...

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Describes and discusses the Stanford Prison Experiment, as well as discusses the ethical issues involved with this experiment.

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