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    How Good Therapists Go Bad

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    Discuss the main ethical concerns you observed after reading the transcript. Make sure to utilize the ACA Code of Ethics in your answer. As a professional, do you feel this behavior in the transcript warrants notification to a state board for review? Or do you feel that discussing the incident with the counselor may be enough? Please explain your perspective in detail.

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    Thank you for choosing me as your expert and Brain Mass. With this case scenario, there are no many ethical violations going on that are very disturbing. First, let's critically examine the fact that there is a crying baby laying in a dirty diaper and this grandmother is clearly intoxicated and nobody is getting up to change the baby, she knows it, let it happen, is neglect. That has to be reported to CPS. Dr. Scott failed to bring that to the client's attention, which is inexcusable and negligent, even, if this grandmother were drinking, had the baby with her, and got into an accident, could have been seen as reckless endangerment.

    Also, supplementing her alcohol addiction on relapse with a prescription that is not written by the medical doctor for her is unethical for Dr. Scott to be communicating to her as "okay", and possibly fall into the illegal category as using someone's else prescription without that person having any knowledge. This is unlawful and unprofessional, unethical.

    Now, let's endeavor upon another very delicate and sketchy topic, which is the dual relationships topic. Scott is asking this patient to breakfast, yet, stating, "you could use more support", without going about it in the ethical fashion of finding support groups, treatment ...

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