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Identifying Dysfunctional or Irrational Core Beliefs

Cognitive therapists talk about the need for people to identify dysfunctional or irrational core beliefs and then change those beliefs to something different. Tell me 5 core beliefs that Christians often hold to that you think are dysfunctional or irrational or wrong and what they should replace them with. In other words first tell me the problematic belief and then tell me what they should believe instead.

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One problematic belief could be personalizing, which is accepting blame when something bad happens even when you had nothing to do with what caused the event to happen. The person should believe instead that there is no evidence that proves they had anything to do with the event; therefore, they cannot be to blame.

Another problematic belief is polarizing which is seeing things as all bad or all good (black and white) instead of seeing the shades of gray or some good ...

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This solution discusses how therapists can assist clients in identifying dysfunctional and irrational core beliefs and how to change them.