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Borderline Personality Reaction and Therapist's Response

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Respecting Clients Reaction:

Imagine you have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. You have recently felt that the rapport you have established with your therapist has deteriorated. From the perspective of the client, write a letter detailing some of the ways in which you have felt mistreated or disrespected by a mental health professional in your life and what is causing the distress with your current therapist.

Next, from the perspective of the therapist, reply to the client in a way that explains how you have kept your personal values and feelings about the client free from your sessions and how you have maintained respect for the client throughout your sessions.

This will help us see some of the future difficulties we will have in maintaining a professional relationship with our clients.

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Letter from the client to the therapist:

I'm so pissed about our session last week. You know that I have been in and out of therapy for many years, mostly because I've had terrible therapists. I told you during our first session that you are the 4th therapist I've had this year, so I hope that this "treatment" works. My boss has threatened to fire me if I don't "shape up", and you were supposed to help me with that.
I don't like how you called me out on how I have been treating my mom. She is angry because I'm not the same kind of parent she was, and she doesn't feel like I have the proper "boundaries" with my teenage daughter. We both know that my daughter is going to do whatever she wants any way, and I didn't have a very close relationship with my mom growing up. I'd rather have my daughter consider me a friend, but my mom thinks that's "inappropriate". I'm a single mother doing the best I can. So what if my daughter stays out until midnight on school nights? It's really none of her business, and it's none of your business as well.
The thing that I am most angry about is the fact that when I talked about wanting to kill myself last week, you told your ...

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This solution provides an example of how a therapist might respond to an individual with Borderline Personality Disorder who is upset with the therapy they are receiving.

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