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Personality Changes and Reliability of Theory

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Original student enquiry:

"How can a theory be reliable or consistent over time if personality is believed to change?"

A discussion on the reliability of theories in the context of personality changes.

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A discussion on the reliability of theories in the context of personality changes and how a theory is not necessarily invalidated under the scenario of a personality change in the individual, especially when the theory can accommodate or explain the changes.

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In terms of personality psychology, the evaluation of the personality is a multi-faceted analysis that seeks to determine a clear construct of an individual's thought process and how that effects their emotions, cognitions, motivations and any reaction to stimuli. This form of analysis can come off as being rather mechanistic, but it also serves the purpose of being very personal as each analysis is tailored to the specific personality model of the individual, allowing an analyst to both understand and potentially predict behaviours and cognitive ...

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