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    Losing faith: Arguing for a new way to think about therapy

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    Miller, S.D. (2004). Losing faith: Arguing for a new way to think about therapy. Psychotherapy in Australia, 10(2), 44-51.

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    For me, Miller's article offers some frank insight about the realities of working within the field and how therapists can easily become disillusioned and disgruntled when working with clients in the real world, transitioning from theory into real world practices. His article shows how many therapists experience losses of faith about the profession. He argues "for a change in the entire way we think about and conceive of therapy."

    I feel that his article offers true insights because many of us leave college and graduate studies with this superhuman, utopian sense that we will "save the day" and save all clients with our magic, therapeutic wands. This article ...

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