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    Ethics and the Stanford Prison Experiment

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    Locate by external reference the Stanford Prison Experiment. Discuss any ethical dilemmas the researcher faced with this project. Do you feel the problem was in the experiment's design or unethical behavior of the researchers? Discuss your arguments in 2 pages in APA format and site sources.

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    Quiet Rage, The Stanford Prison Experiment Roller, Bill. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy58. 3 (Jul 2008): 431-434.

    The Stanford Prison Experiment involved 24 male college students randomly assigned as prisoners and guards in a makeshift prison at Stanford University. The 'warden' of this makeshift prison was the researcher, which was one of the biggest flaws in the study. Guards had the autonomy to inhibit the freedoms of the prisoners by manipulating their lives and the conditions in which they lived. Using psychological and some physical abuse, the guards were able to exact authority over the prisoners and create immense hardships for the prisoners. Those who refused to comply with the orders were isolated and guards encouraged the other inmates to turn against them by manipulating them to shame and blame them for their increased hardships.

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    The expert examines the ethics and the Stanford Prison Experiments.