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    Stanford Prison Experiment

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    The Stanford Prison Experiment

    On the basis of research on the Stanford Prison Experiment, share your response to the following questions:

    - What is the Stanford Prison Experiment? Describe it.
    - Would people expect such an experiment to be allowed to proceed today? Why or why not?
    - How would people proceed, if were to create an experiment that seeks to test the same hypothesis as for the Stanford Prison Experiment?
    - What changes would a person make in order to protect the safety of the participants?
    - Were the researchers able to learn anything despite being forced to abandon the experiment early?
    - Do you agree that there were ethical problems with the study or are critics making too much of it? Analyze the situation and support it with rationale.

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    I have given you some ideas to work from. The facts of this experiment have helped make better rules for conducting such experiments. There have been several poorly planned experiments over the years. If you have any further questions or need clarifications, please ask.

    The Stanford Prison Experiment was a psychological study of the effects of going to prison on individuals who were not guilty of criminal activity. The experiment asked for volunteers who were screened for issues like drug and alcohol addiction and mental problems to ...

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