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Summary of the Stanford Prison Experiment

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Revisiting the Stanford Prison Experiment: a Lesson in the Power of
Situation," by Philip G. Zimbardo. After reviewing the article, provide the following:
A brief introduction and summary of the article

Analysis of the data, including discussion of its significance and relevance to criminal justice

Compare and contrast the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment with the more current, real-life Abu Ghraib situation.

Although they happened years and miles apart and in totally different circumstances, why did each one result in the practically the same conclusion? In your own opinion, how could the outcomes have been different?

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A summary of the Stanford Prison Experiment is provided. The data is analyzed.

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The article focuses upon the Stanford Prison Experiment through the prism of how it currently relates to society in general and the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq specifically. The author discusses how psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard affect the social power of groups and have the potential to turn good people bad. He explicitly discusses the famous social experiment conducted by him while at Stanford and how it has many correlations to the Abu Ghraib fiasco.

Analysis of the data, including discussion of its significance and relevance to criminal justice:
- This study is significant for ...

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