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Technology in hospitals

I require a one page paper (single spaced) regarding the positive and negative effects of technology on hospitals as a social institution. At least four credible references must be provided.

Also, the talking points that have been provided must be thoroughly addressed (see attachment) along with any other positive or negative talking points.


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I cannot write an essay for you, however I can provide you with information on your talking points and the references to further your writing and research.

Technology advancements have meant changes in the health care industry in many areas. Not the least of which the life saving technologies that allow doctors to more quickly determine problems and injuries, technology that keeps operations to the most minimum invasively, and the ability to track patients at home rather than keeping them in the hospital for long term.
Heart telemetry, where a doctor can place a monitoring system on the heart and receive regular readouts from patients is one such advancement that can save lives. The monitors send messages to computers in monitoring stations and changes can be quickly assessed and patients returned in case of problems. Ongoing monitoring allows the doctor to see when a problem is most likely to occur or what the activity is when the patient shows changes. Like the pacemaker, use of such machines to keep the heart in working order is one way to save patients.
Laser surgery has meant that people can go home more quickly from the hospital and the surgeries are much less invasive, ...

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A discussion on the effects of technology in hospitals, both negative and positive are provided. Discussion guided by provided talking points.