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Healthcare Technology Advancements

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Technology has certainly changed the way medical care is practiced. Identify the most significant clinical and information technological changes you have seen in the last five years. Summarize by discussing the idea that technology brings great benefits but also produces new ethical dilemmas for health care.
Support by referencing and citing at least three credible sources.

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The expert analyzes healthcare technology advancements.

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Many of the innovations in technology as they relate to health care have a lot of positive potential. For instance, the new medical breakthroughs that have succeeded in lengthening the life span of more people are also accompanied by an increase in the diagnosing of diseases to which the elderly are the most susceptible, such as Alzheimer's disease. At the Alzheimer's Association International Conference, which took place earlier this month in Boston, MA, evidence was presented that, demonstrated the usefulness of a new tool that is designed to assist in the detection and monitoring of cognitive impairment in aging and dementia. This computer-based system, called Cognigram™ was developed to broadly assess four critical cognitive domains ̶ psychomotor function, attention, learning and working memory. Cognigram™ was created and is supplied by Cogstate Ltd., and partnered with Merck, Inc.

At the same time, new medical technologies are sometimes fraught with ethical problems that bring to mind the science fiction novel Brave New World. Innovation in clinical care would be sharply reduced if it were not for the way the health care ...

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