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Quiz on Medical Assistance Knowledge

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Your office manager has found out that you have some experience working with computers. He has asked you to help him assess the new medical assistant's basic knowledge of the use of computers by researching and creating a short, 10-question quiz to give out. He has also asked you to provide him with what you think will be the future of health care technology.

Part 1:

- Create a 10-question quiz that will assess your colleague's knowledge of the uses of computers in a medical office.

- Use a mixture of different types of questions, for example:
-- Multiple choice
-- True/False
-- Short answer
-- Fill in the blank

- On a separate page, provide the answers to your questions.

Part 2:

- Give a summary on the future of health care technology explaining the following

- What advancements do you think will be available in health care technology in the future?

- What technology or advancements are already being created/implemented?

- What recommendations would you have for the advancement of the technology?

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Hello Student!

Below is a 10 question quiz that asks basic information on computers and how they are used in medical offices. The answers are next to the question. Below the quiz is part 2. I have answered the questions with my own opinions. If you do not agree with my opinions please change those to reflect how you feel the future of technology will affect you and the healthcare industry.

1. Computers are an easy way to keep medical offices organized? TRUE
2. Web based applications can be used for billing? TRUE
3. Practice Management software deals with;

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The soultion is comprised of a 10 question quiz on information pertaining to the medical assistance profession and their ability to use computers. A summary of the future of healthcare is also provided.