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Ethical Issues

Describe a situation in which you, as a member of a group, strongly disagreed with the actions of the group based on ethical grounds.

Did you feel free to voice your opinion, or did you feel pressure to conform to the group?

Explain whether or not you expressed your thoughts to the group, and what happened afterwards.

How did the group's culture impact your decision whether or not to speak out, and the group's response?

If you do not have a personal example, you may describe the experience of someone you know, or a situation you witnessed.

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// Before answering to the given situation, it is necessary to have a clarity of thoughts regarding 'Ethics'. To answer this query, research is required on the actions that are performed in the group. So below is the description of situation that reflects strong disagreement on the group actions based on the Ethical grounds.//

Ethical Issues

One incident, which I remember is that of a management fest, which was organized during my MBA course. This fest comprised of many competitions and the teams were ...

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