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    Challenges of Political Parties

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    Political parties are now faced with new challenges and needs as the economic fallout of several years worldwide recession is assessed. Voters obviously are voting for change in democratic nations such as the United States and Great Britain. The government of Greece is facing a tragedy of recession, bankruptcy, tightening the spending and relaying the positive aspects to the people. Political parties will be the most affected by the needs.

    Defining themselves, as parties, has taken on different meanings. Today in Great Britain, the Labour Party has agreed to back Liberal Democrats (the group that placed third in the elections this week) reforms and also has reached out to the nationalist parties of Scotland and Wales. The Conservatives have also acknowledged the Liberal Democrats and made offerings. This is not the normal way for Great Britain, but it may be the way of the future in compromises.

    The Democrats in the U.S. Congress pushed through healthcare and many have changed positions on various issues such as oil drilling (which may change again after the recent oil rig disaster). Many Congressional leaders and state leaders have changed party affiliations including to Independent. These changes are seen as moving away from strident party lines and into more balanced choices.

    Changes are the major trends in political parties around the world as new disasters, new world technologies and needs, new oppportunities continue to change how voters see the world and their own needs.

    Regard or Regardless to the above information. Please answer the following question. Can we use the past historical model of the United States progression through the Times and its development to aid in assisting fledgling countries as they began the development process?

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    Yes the model used in the U.S. and also the one from Great Britain are both transferrable to developing countries. Every country that is a democracy uses some variation of each or both. The foundation of the U.S. model is solid and a proven method. However, it has not been without problems and during upheavals ...

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    Political parties' challenges are exemplified. The changes for the major trends in political parties around the world as new disasters are determined.