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Who should be responsible for rectifying pay inequalities?

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Who should be responsible for rectifying pay inequalities around the world, and why?

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Who should we blame? Who is to blame for such economic injustice of pay inequalities occuring in our world today? There are many ways of looking at this issue. It is highly complex on putting the blame on one person or group. It also may be a simple pointing of the finger for just blaming one person or group, however, I find there are many who have contributed to pay inequalities. There are many laws in which support pay equality, however, there are still many current examples where there are still huge gaps of pay for employees.

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Pay Inequalities: Who should rectify pay inequalities?

The gender gap pay inequality is a big issue and most prominent. However, there are simply huge gaps in pay throughout society within a national and global level. Rectifying pay inequalities is a complex issue in deciding on who is responsible or to blame. Overall, there is no clear line as to who is responsible in pay inequalities. There are many responsible parties who have impacted pay inequalities such as the major corporations, globalization, trade, ...

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