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Discuss the ethical issues related to working closely with IT and using online systems.

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As an employee working closely with IT and using online systems, what are some of the ethical issues or decisions with which you may face?

Describe how might the information system be designed or implemented to reduce the likelihood of employees being unethical?

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The solution is subdivided into five ethical issues with a paragraph of explanation for each. The total solution is 646 words.

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The main ethical issues that I may face working with IT are related to privacy, accuracy, property and accessibility.

Information technology increases potential for violating the privacy of individuals and groups. Privacy might appear in two types: physical privacy and information privacy. Physical privacy is the ability of a person to avoid unwanted intrusions into personal time, space and property. Using e-mail we face this issue every day by receiving electronic junk mail. The information privacy is the ability of the person to identify when, how and to what extent personal information should be accessible to the others. Nowadays all information about you: your address, phone, medical records, driving and financial history is stored in the databases. That means interested people can access this information if they pay for this. For example, as an employee I have a threat that my boss can get to know all my medical history (even though it is not required for the position), my conversations at work can ...

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