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Racial inequalities: an analysis

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See the attachments.

- White households have on average 22 times the wealth of average Black households and 18 times the wealth of average Latino households

- On average, more money is spent on White children than Black and other non-White children in public schools

- Public schools are nearly as segregated today as they were in the 1960's

- Young men of color are more likely to be arrested and receive harsher punishment than Whites who engage in the same unlawful behavior

- White job candidates (and those with White sounding names) are more likely to receive job opportunities than equally qualified Black and Latino job candidates

- White men with felonies are more likely to receive a job as equally qualified Black job candidates with no criminal record, while men of color with felonies are rarely provided job opportunities

- Black loan applicants with equal credit to White loan applicants are more likely to receive riskier (and often more expensive) mortgage loans

Without adhering to the individualistic fallacy (by claiming that people just need to change their views/minds), come up with some brief ideas on how to address these inequalities. In your mind, what can be done? Make sure to also draw from the attached readings in your response.

Please see the attached PDF documents for more articles and clarification on the question being asked.

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The solution discusses an analysis on racial inequalities.

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Please be sure to include a quote from your reading as well.

Inequality among the races is something that has always existed, and it will most likely continue. However, today there are many measures that we can do to address inequalities in our society. For example with the issue of poverty, what needs to be done to end poverty in our country is to develop opportunities for all including more job-training programs that prepare low-income workers to enter the workforce. Sure, there are job training programs out there right now, but they are difficult to get into and most people find the process too complicated to complete. My brother once tried to get into a job retraining program. There was a mountain of paper work with requirements that were almost impossible to fulfill. They wanted documents that were decades old, and he spent a lot of time making phone calls and hoping that people would help me ...

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