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Theoretical Framework

Issues with conducting business in foreign countries

Read the attached cases carefully. Write up your answers in a Word document Madeleine Roche, a horticulture, and landscaping professional, was sent to oversee the setting up and the opening of a landscaping and garden supplies center in Mexico. Besides her professional background, she studied Spanish in graduate school, which

Improving Communication and Diversity

Identify one thing you could do to improve your own communication with others with regard to diversity. It doesn't have to be just using derogatory words toward particular racial, socioeconomic, or gender groups. It could be anything which will improve your own communication.

Diversity Questions

Provide some examples of how American English reflects the diversity of American society with regard to gender. Also, what does the language we use to describe men and women say about how we conceptualize gender. Examples of questions you might ask yourself in answering this question: are men and women equal in the US?; do

Multiculturalism: Article Review

Please review the attached article and answer the following questions: 1) Did the article, television show, or motion picture attempt to address the diversity represented in the American landscape? 2) To what extent do the media rely on stereotypes when depicting a certain group? 3) Assess whether or n

Discussion of the multicultural man

"A multicultural man is a radically different sort of human being. His rise is a significant phenomenon because it represents a new psycho cultural style of self process." How is the multicultural man different? What traits distinguish his style of personality from the traditional structure of cultural identity?

Culture - Language, Social Systems and Communication Styles

For understanding, please help me with these questions: 2. What comprises "the filter of the social system?" Define it within your personal context of work. Illustrate -- with at least two examples -- how your social system influences your communication style (speech, interpersonal communication, responses/reactions to any

Cultural Diversity

What is assimilation? Specifically, sub-cultures are assimilated to varying degrees into the mainstream (white, heterosexual culture). What are some examples of how assimilation has influenced one or more of these groups in the workforce? Minimum of 350 words.

Diversity, Media & Stereotypes

1. In your opinion, are stereotypes in the media assisting or detracting from the cause of diversity and/or assimilation? 2. In your opinion, what is the effect of media portrayal on promoting diversity consciousness in the workplace? 3. Could the stereotypes in the media be changed?

Characteristics of a Successful Team

Some groups meet their goals, while others fall short of achieving what they set out to accomplish. What are the characteristics of a successful team, i.e., why do some teams succeed while others do not?

Diversity Across Cultures

What are some similarities across cultures? (Minimum of 200 words). What are some differences between cultures or groups, and how might these differences affect teamwork or productivity in the workplace? (Minimum of 200 words).

Families in United States

On balance, are families in the United States becoming more weaker or simply different? What evidence can be cited?

Social Mobility

I have to reflect (in 2000 words) on similarities and differences between me, my parents and my grandparents. Which is no problem. I have to do this in regard to various stratification variables and consider to what extent I am upwardly or downwardly mobile. I also have to explain why any differences exist and what caused them.

Diversity Awareness in Organizations

If diversity awareness in organizations can be used as a successful strategy within organizations, can it also be used by businesses to competitive advantage in applications for business consumers? If so, how? If not, why not?

Trace a systemic environmental reach

Choose an individual action and trace its systemic environmental reach, citing the scope of environmental inputs and outputs. Be as specific to your home community as possible. Perhaps, you can consider the example of electric light. Cite factors such as: Where is the electricity reaching your home generated? What are the m

Social paradigm of consumerism

How would you characterize the dominant social paradigm of consumerism? What cultural symbols or messages drive this paradigm? How are these symbols/messages conveyed? What are the environmental impacts of this way of thinking?

Socio-cultural ages Chart

In a Word document, create a chart that shows the evolution of socio-cultural ages from hunter-gatherer societies to industrial societies. Include the following elements: Approximate timeframe for evolutionary shift from one age to the next (how long ago?) Key technological "discovery" that drove the evolution from one "step

Gender Inequality: Theoretical Perspectives

I am having a hard time with the following study question. Can you help? 1. Compare and contrast the views on gender inequality of functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction theory.

Sociology questions

I have 3 questions which I am having difficulty in answering. They are; 1) The belief in equal rights couple with the belief that certain racial and ethnic groups have achieved an unfair advantage over whites: a) Prejudice b) Descimination c) Symbolic racism d) Insitutional racism 2) Which theoretical perspective arg

Welfare and society

1. Discuss welfare and social policy. 2. Include in your discussion the perspectives on welfare and social policy (feminist perspectives and sociological perspectives). Thank you.

Industrialization and the class system

I am having problems with answering the following question. With industrialization, the class system; a) Becomes more rigid. b) Becomes less rigid. c) Begins to disappear. d) Begins to emerge.

Plato's Republic - Defining Justice

Plato's Republic: 1. What is Cephalus' definition of justice? 2. What is Socrates' problem with Cephalus' definition? 3. What is Polemarchus' definition of justice? 4. How does Socrates get Polemarchus to abandon his position? 5. Is there something to be seeing between the lines with this? (Please don't let t

What is a cultural icon and how does he or she shape the values of society?

What is a cultural icon and how does he or she shape the values of society? I am having trouble defining how a cultural icon shapes the values of society. If you were to use Oprah as a current cultural icon I guess you could say that she has enlighted many women to due better for themselves by looking at her success.

The Views of Karl Marx

This solution evaluates the evidence that Marx presents to support his view that liberty, equality and the creation of wealth are only possible in the forthcoming socialist society.

Steps to build presentation for a new drug court.

Please help me begin a research project that I have to present to a judge and my internship professor. The title: Challenges between agency and system level practitioners and opportunities for cooperation. Can you help me with an outline and who I should be contacting without going through my professor? This is for a new