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    Theoretical Framework

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    "When Globalization Comes Home: Maquiladoras South of the Border"

    This has do do with the assembly for export plants in Mexico that are called Maquiladoras. And it refers to Stratification. As a basis it talks about how we virtually create slave labor for other countries so that we can have what we want at a cheaper price and still have quality. Also discussed is the fact that slave labor is n

    Analyze and explore the history of the treatment of the mentally ill in America

    Mental Illness and Inequality in Health Care How can we improve the treatment or mental illness? Take into consideration that the public does not want higher taxes. Should mental health care only be available for those who can afford it? Do Americans have a fundamental right to quality mental health care? Compare the treatmen

    Social Change and the Future

    Concerning the social change and the future, this IP explores views social change and its impact on individuals, social institutions, the world of work, and society. This needs to be 1-2 pages. What were the main concerns of Tonnies, Marx, Durkheim, and Weber on the future? What is modernity? What is Postmodernity? W

    Marriage and Family

    Some people say that male is the dominant sex in human society. Is male a 'superior' sex? Why or why not? What is the impact of the increasing female employment on the institution of marriage and family?

    Is the Institution of Marriage Dying?

    Some people say that that the institution of marriage is dying. Do you agree? What is the future of marriage and family in America? What are optimistic and pessimistic signs for that?

    Sociology (Graduate Level)

    What are some of the factors that can explain why people divorce? What is a divorce process and what can be done to help couples from avoiding extreme steps such as the termination of a relationship?

    Indicate True or False to the following statements

    Indicate True or False ____ 1. Culture helps people make sense of the world and instills moral values. ____ 2. Enculturation is primarily instilled by parents. ____ 3. Culture only has one level. ____ 4. Knowledge of other cultures helps us understand our own culture. ____ 5. Culture plays a minor role in i

    Environmental Concern throughout the World

    Choose an environmental issue that is a major concern today and look at it from the standpoint of first, second, and third world countries. Explain why environmental issues must be viewed as a global concern (at least 400 words). I need as much information as possible to address these questions. Thank you.

    Cultural Diversity

    Define the following terms. I need a good understanding for a paper I am writing on cultural diversity. Ethnocentrism Racism White privilege Multicultural sensitivity Political correctness Melting pot Acculturation Assimilation Cultural pluralism Early assimilation models

    Sociological Perspectives

    Choose one of the three sociological perspectives (symbolic interactionism, functionalist perspective, or conflict theory) and discuss it in detail.

    Sociological view of abortion, euthanasia and capital punishment

    Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. 1. How might a sociologist's values influence his/her research on such things as capital punishment, euthanasia or abortion? 2. Why do you think that sociologists pursue certain research topics even when it requires them to work under less

    Sociological Theory

    How do people select a mate for marriage in the contemporary society? Why has this process become so complex? What steps may be taken to improve the mate selection process in our culture?

    Role of Communication

    Please help me with these questions: 1. What are some of the ways that the communication plays a role in resolving conflicts in marriage in the contemporary American society? 2. Why people fail in the communication process? 3. What can be done to improve that process? Thank you.

    Structure of US Air Force

    Can you show the structure of the US Air Force hierarchically including all different levels and the position (rank) related to each level? Must be in hierarchical graph.

    Diversity and stereotype issues in the media

    Review a publication (i.e., magazine or newspaper) television show, or movie that discusses or illustrates the portrayal of diversity in the media. Address the following questions in relation to the selected article, movie, or television show: 1) Did the publication, television show, or movie attempt to address the diversi

    Building a community in an organization

    How are social attitudes formed and how do people communicate their values? How does the growing diversity in society impact human services organizations in terms of how services are provided?

    Chicago Census

    Information on Chicago's population, birth and death rates, immigration and emigration rates, age distribution, and population growth rates

    Major research designs

    What are some ethical concerns of sociological research? Why do sociologists need to follow a code of ethics? How would you use the different types of research design? What are some strengths and weaknesses of each? How might sociologists research culture? How can a sociologist maintain objectivity when studying a group th

    Childhood in America

    Conventional conceptions of childhood, often romantic, seem to contain little reference to struggle and resistance as central elements of people's experience at this early stage of life. Why is this? Are these elements, in fact, important in understanding children or childhood

    Fromm's v. Dalai Lama's Social Views

    Briefly, how do the viewpoints of Erich Fromm as posited in the Sane Society and the Dalai Lama's Ethics for the New Millennium differ and/or agree. Please provide a brief description of their respective views regarding: 1. Fromm's notion of "productive orientation" vis-à-vis the Dalai Lama's notion of "happiness." 2. Fr