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Team building and conflict resolution

Summarize the key principles that integrate team building, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

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You must always have a leader of a group who can stay neutral.

During conflict resolution, there needs to be time for everyone to voice their opinions and other members of the group need to be respect towards their cohort.

Brainstorming - that is the only way everyone can share their thoughts, ideas and feelings and bounce things off each other in the hopes of coming to a mutual agreement. There won't always be a mutual agreement reached during conflict resolution but it's all about giving and taking - someone might have to give up something for the benefit of the group.

Working on teams can be rewarding, but at times it can be difficult and downright frustrating. If there are poor communicators on your team, you may often feel left in the dark, confused or misunderstood. To create a successful team, effective communication methods are necessary for both team members and leaders. Even though some people understand their communication skills need improving, many aren't certain how to improve them. So, in the following article, we've outlined how to avoid some common team blunders as well as some helpful advice on how to be a better teammate or leader overall. Go... team!

If You're a Team Member
Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
If you have a problem with someone in your group, talk to him about it. Letting bad feelings brew will only make you sour and want to isolate yourself from the group. Not only does it feel good to get it out, but it will be better for the team in the long run.

Don't Blame Others
People in your group lose respect for you if you're constantly blaming others for not meeting deadlines. You're not fooling anyone, people know who isn't pulling his weight in a group. Pointing the finger will only make you look cowardly. Group members understand if you have a heavy workload and weren't able to meet a deadline. Saying something like, "I'm really sorry, but I'll get it to you by the end of today." will earn you a lot more respect than trying to make it seem like it's everyone else's fault that you missed your deadline.

Support Group Member's Ideas
If a teammate suggests something, always consider it - even if it's the silliest idea you've ever heard! Considering the group's ideas shows you're interested in other people's ...

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What is needed to have an effective team and how to work together to avoid conflict.