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Divorce Among Married Couples

What are some of the factors that can explain why people divorce? What is a divorce process and what can be done to help couples from avoiding extreme steps such as the termination of a relationship?

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There are many reasons that couples in today's society divorce - the major one being communication.

Couples need to learn how to communicate through talk, rather than yelling when issues arise -which they are because no one is perfect and no marriage is perfect.

Money - money is one of the top reasons that couples fight - who makes the money, who controls the money or the lack of money that may exist.

Couples in today's society, those with and without kids are so career driven that it leaves little time to appreciate what is truly important in life and don't get to spend enough time together - this certainly is a leading factor in driving couples apart.

Marriage is the "in" thing to do these days and some people get married because of that - especially people who are in their late 20's, early 30's, late 30's - either most of their friends are getting married or women fear the older ...

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What factors contribute to people divorcing in today's society and what steps someone needs to take to file for a divorce of their spouse.