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Electronic Matchmaking and the Institution of Marriage

With Internet postings losing their stigma, electronic matchmaking is becoming an acceptable way to find a mate. What has technology done to the institution of marriage and what are today's norms?

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In today's society there is no such thing as a norm in regard to marriage or family. Thirty years ago people were still striving for a perfect traditional family made up of a husband, wife and children. Today single parents are rapidly overtaking the percentage of married parents, and divorce rates are through the roof. People are waiting longer to get married and have children, focusing instead on careers, friends and education. The way that people meet each other has changed as well.

The popularity of internet dating sites has exploded and many adults are finding their match online for their first, second (or other multiple attempts) at marriage. ...

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Paper about what technology has done to the institution of marriage and today's norms, particularly with electronic matchmaking.