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revolution and reform: Occupy Wall Street, same sex marriage

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1.) Describe an example of social situation where the intentions of the person involved might be different from the outcome or consequence of the action.

2.) Describe how the legalization of same-gender marriage might strengthen the institution of marriage.

3.) How would the folks involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement like to change the profit equation?

4.) Describe the difference between a movement promoting revolution and one promoting reform and give an example of each.

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1.) Life is full of examples of this reality. How many times does what we plan actually happen the way we planned it? Kids playing ball on the front yard, even after their parents told them not to, end up throwing the ball through the front window. Was that their intention? No, but that was still the end result.

Christian pastors in Nazi Germany probably did not intend to support Hitler's policies and agenda. Their intention was only to remain open and be legally recognized by the new government. However, by the end of Hitler's regime most churches were giving at least nominal support to him in spite of the fact that his policies were in direct contradiction to the teachings of Jesus.

Recently there have been a number of news stories about middle school students who have committed suicide as a result of cyber bullying and harassment at school and online. The intention of the bullies was likely not to have the person they were tormenting kill themselves. They were probably making up for a lack of self-esteem, seeking attention etc. The end result however was ...

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