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    Theoretical Framework

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    Insight into how family and motherhood views are shaped.

    How does personal experience shape one's view of family and motherhood? One may begin to answer this question by examining the works of three authors -- Luker, Edin, and Kohn -- which describe how abortion, poverty, and social class may affect how one views family and participates in family experiences.

    The sociological perspective on crime.

    Describe the sociological perspective toward crime, making certain that you define the three major concepts: 1) consensus and conflict perspectives (i.e. functionalist, structural and subcultural theories) 2) the interactionist perspective 3) Marxist perspective Use examples of crime, such as from the mass media, to illustr

    A discussion of social stratification

    A discussion is needed on the topic of social stratification. Please include information on: 1. Theorists such as Marx 2. How each type of society uses social stratification to help maintain itself 3. Hierarchy and privilege

    What is the Field of Sociology?

    An explanation of the field of sociology is needed because many students go through their undergraduate education without really understanding what sociology is all about! Please provide a solution that will help explain the field of sociology, basic assumptions and its relation to the other disciplines.

    Contemporary of social thought

    If anyone has had or is taking Contemporary of Social Thought, please help me to understand it! My professor's test are two essays and true and false questions.

    Defining the Term "Paradigm"

    Please help with an explanation of the term paradigm. A discussion on scientific versus religious paradigms and the relationship of paradigms to views of reality would be helpful.

    Explanation of the term social constructivism

    I need an explanation of what is meant by social constructivism and its relationship to social interaction and collective knowledge. Please also relate it to how this effects our knowledge of the world.

    Technology's impact on social institutions

    We must critically analyze the representative views of the social role of technology. In doing so we address two fundamental questions: 1. What is the nature and extent of impact of technology on social institutions and individual lives? 2. To what degree is this impact beneficial and to what degree is it harmful?