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    How does modernization manifest itself in U.S. society?

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    This may be review for you, but first I like to clearly define the context of the discussion:

    Modernization is a very commonly and diversely used term, but here we are specifically thinking about the socio-economic Theory of Modernization (at least I make this assumption because you are in a sociology class, as opposed to art or comp sci, etc). So, modernization theory defines "modern societies" as those that are successful due to evolving socioculture and economic trends, and it states that less successful nations/groups improve their status by emulating those that are more advanced (or by simply having modern trends "trickle down" to them). This is as opposed to "development theory", which is generally less accepted (but neither ...

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    The solution discusses factors associated with successful modernization in the U.S. Examples are given. The text contains 472 words.