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    Future of modernization in the United States

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    Will modernization continue in the U.S.? Why or why not? Explain the answer.

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    The question now is "will it continue"? First, let me give the scientific answer - a firm "no one knows". By this I mean that (1) predictions of future macro-sociological changes are never certain, of course, but (2) we do not even have consistent empirical evidence in the academic literature. This is assuming that we are talking about the "long term".

    So we are left with only theories. One of the most influential theorists, Thomas Malthus (1798), provides predictions which imply a grim "no". The Malthusian ...

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    The solution discusses some theories, including those of Thomas Malthus, on whether modernization in the U.S. will continue. Some conclusions are drawn. The text contains 325 words.