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Modernization as a Worldwide Trend

Is modernization a worldwide trend?

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1. Is modernization a worldwide trend?

Modernization is a worldwide trend, but is slower in some cultures than in others. In some countries, modernization is an idea in its infancy.

Specifically, modernization is the process by which cultures are forced to accept traits from outside. (1) For example, it is the process of general social change brought about by the transition from an agrarian to an industrial mode of production (2) and, thus, changing something to make it conform to modern standards. In other words, modernization is the process of changing the conditions of a society, an organization or another group of people in ways that change the privileges of that group according to modern technology or modern knowledge.

Let's look at several examples...

Although modernization is a worldwide trend, it has many faces and can either be slower (e.g., Nigeria, Somalia) or faster (e.g., United States, Canada, parts of Europe) in progress. Modernization is about making modern in appearance or behavior; e.g. "the modernization of ...

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Modernization is defined and explored in terms of being a worldwide trend through discussion and illustrative examples.