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    The Need for Reform & Modernization of Infrastructure in the US

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    Modernization of Infrastructure
    I need feedback and ideas on this question:
    'The modernization of infrastructure in the US will be complete, as will lots of it in the modern world; in what ways have you seen this?'

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    The US Chamber of Commerce states that in order to compete in the modern global economy, the US infrastructure must be modernized. An effort is being made to make it a priority to invest in our crumbling infrastructure and to streamline regulatory and licensing processes. The Chamber is also pursuing federal policies that spur private sector investment.

    For instance, cyber crime has to be fought and overcome, through better computer security measures. Toward that end, in order to reduce risk to our cyber systems,efforts are made to support information-sharing legislation that genuinely enhances collaboration between the government and industries. Also,while thread ...

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    This is a discussion of examples of various methods of the modernization of infrastructure, particularly in the United States.