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    Transportation infrastructure congestion strategies

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    Describe some of the strategies that firms can use to overcome the challenges related to transportation infrastructure congestion.

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    I can only assume that you only need references from that one piece, and yet, the piece does not deal with transport congestion specifically (though it does indirectly). If I'm wrong here, please let me know. I added one additional source, since I really had no choice.


    The larger the scale of the market, the larger the logistical problems become. We can take for granted that in much of the developing world, transportation infrastructure remains at a rudimentary state. Designed for a much less intense global economy, the world's transport infrastructure is in dire need of reconceptualization and rebuilding (295). Hence, firms are forced to deal with congestion and other infrastructural issues that can cost them time and money. The very fact that logistics costs about $6.7 trillion yearly for all industrialized economies shows the necessity of dealing with these issues (290). However, strategies exist for firms, at varying levels, to avoid some of the more serious problems of over-utilization of transport channels.

    Some of the ways that firms can deal with transport congestion are obvious. These include the increasing computerization of orders (more specifically, the integration of global ordering and fulfillment technology), constant private-sector investment in infrastructure, the ...

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    The transportation infrastructures congestion strategies are examined.