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Environmental Assessment

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Analyze the picture and answer the following question.
Where in the world is it?
What in the world is it?
How in the world did that happen?
What could be done to correct the situation?

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A) Where in the world is it?
Nigeria is located in Africa. Legos, the capital of Nigeria, is a port and second to Cairo in popularity. Lagos is divided into 57 local governments. This tropical savanna climate supports two rainy seasons and a sometimes very strong dry season with strong winds from the Sahara Desert. A significant portion of the nation's wealth and economic ventures are located in Legos. This area is concentrated with businesses, banks and financial institutions. Compared to other cities in Nigeria, Legos has a high standard of living and accompanies several major corporation ...

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Africa's largest city, Lagos has air pollution problems. The infrastructure, with old trains and cars, is just one of the environmental segments creating a major problem air pollution problem.
This picture of Lagos shows the huge clouds of smog in the city.

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Conducting Life Cycle Assessment

Based on the LCA for Mere Mortals reading (attached), please answer the following questions.
1. What is Life Cycle Assessment and how is it conducted?
2. What is the difference between cradle to grave, cradle to gate, and gate to grave?
3. What is the difference between primary, secondary, and tertiary data sources?
4. How are scoping, stakeholders and the Life Cycle Impact Assessment related?

Using the Carnegie Mellon EIO-LCA website (http://www.eiolca.net/Method/LCA_Primer.html), determine the life cycle impacts of The Papadopoulos family holiday gifts. Mrs. Papadopoulos received a new coat worth $100. Mr.Papadopoulos received two tickets to see his favorite hockey team play for $150. Their children received and XBox 1 and accessories worth $500.
a.) The Papadopoulos family lives in the United States and the year was 2013. Which EIO-LCA model should you use and why?
b.) To analyze the impact of the purchases, what EIO-LCA sectors should you use for each member of the household's gifts?
c.) The prices above are in 2013 dollars. Use the Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator to estimate the 2002 prices for each of their gifts.
Dollars Mrs.P's Coat Mr.P's Tickets Kids' XBox
2013 $100 $150 $500
d.) The Papadopoulos are interested in the greenhouse gases and carcinogenic toxic releases associated with their gifts. For each gift, use the model to find the total greenhouse gas emissions in terms of kg of carbon dioxide equivalent and the range of human cancer risk.
Mrs.P's Coat Mr.P's Tickets Kids' XBox
Greenhouse Gases - kg CO2E
Cancer kg Benzene Eq
Which gifts have the highest greenhouse gas and carcinogenic emissions? Look at the contributing sectors and try to explain why.
e.) What are the possible drawbacks to using EIO-LCA analysis on these gifts?

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