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The treatment of the mentally ill in America

Mental Illness and Inequality in Health Care

How can we improve the treatment or mental illness? Take into consideration that the public does not want higher taxes. Should mental health care only be available for those who can afford it? Do Americans have a fundamental right to quality mental health care? Compare the treatment of some famous versus ordinary people or focus on specific programs which are currently or have historically been available to the poor. What impact if any, have they had on public policy? Please include any references.

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The system for the mentally ill consists of a health care system that often does not see its "patients" as consumers. In a system where the mentally ill are afforded the same privileges as anyone else with a health care problem that has a strong insurance plan - the mentally ill would be treated better in the American system. Yes, the public does not want higher taxes. However mental health care should also be available for those who cannot afford it. Many programs do exist in America that could help mentally ill people who are in denial or not ...

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