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    Corrections inmates with mental disorders

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    The most difficult population in prison to manage would be inmates with mental disorders. What can prison authority do to manage inmates with a history of mental disorder?

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    Interestingly enough, according to Rice, Harris and Lang (1994) those who have been acquitted in the courtroom on the grounds of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI), have less recidivism than their cohorts. (Rice, Harris & Lang, 1994 and Pacework, Parnell & Rock 1994; Allen, Simonson & Latessa, 2004). Nonetheless, there are a variety of challenges in the correctional system to deal with those who are mentally ill which began to increase by great numbers when in the 1970s those who were not considered a danger to themselves or others were to be released from mental institutions. The intent was certainly a humane one, but it ended up with thousands of street people and poorhouses and jails full of mentally ill.
    There are those found NGRI, incompetent to stand trial and guilty but mentally ill and it must be determined what their disposition will be. The other two challenges are those who become mentally ill and end up having crises simply from being institutionalized and dealing with daily fears caused by other inmates, homosexual behavior, and deterioration of relationships with their families and those who become mentally disturbed while on death row. Few physicians are inspired to treat those patients who are on death row simply because once they recover they will then be executed. Others with mental disorders may be sent to special units specifically for the mentally ill or they may be placed in institutions for the mentally ill. Henry J. Steadman and John Monahan (1984) commend a Special Offender Center in the state of ...

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    Corrections inmates with mental disorders and their management issues are presented.