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Trends in Popular American Culture

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Examine trends in popular American culture such as religious, social, political and personal.

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Interesting question! Let's take a closer look. I also attached two supporting articles to consider.


1. Examine trends in popular American culture such as religious, social, political and personal.

(1) Religion

American culture is the customs, behavior, and way of life in the United States. The American people express their culture through traditions in food, clothing, recreation, and ceremonies; through the education system and institutions of learning, including museums and libraries; and through the arts, encompassing the visual, literary, and performing arts (http://encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_1741500820/United_States_Culture.html).

Historically, the United States' religious tradition is mostly Protestant Christianity. Today over three quarter of Americans identify as Christian with a slight majority identifying as Protestant (56%). Catholics (27%) are the largest Christian denomination as Protestants belong to a variety of denominations. Some parts of the population are atheist. There are also many other religions that are not as prevalent such as Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism, among others. The government is a secular institution, with what is often called the "separation of church and state" prevailing. Main article: Religion in the United (Stateshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_the_United_States#Religion).

(2) Social

The popular trend in popular American culture is for most Americans today identify themselves as middle class. and have social affiliations and activities that reflect their social class. However, American society and its culture are considerably more fragmented.[17][16][1] If applied to include the majority of Americans, the term middle class would include white collar professionals such as economists with a median income of $72,000[19] alongside medical assistants with a median income of $24,610[20] American society is generally divided into five social classes, each with its own sub-culture. The most commonly identified classes are the upper class which consists of multiple corporate and social elites, the upper middle class which consists of highly educated white collar professionals, the middle middle class which largely consists of so called "Para-professionals" (Thompson & Hickey, 2005) with some college education or a Bachelor's degree, the working class (or lower middle class) which includes closely supervised clerical pink and blue collar workers, and the lower class which consists of those with the ...

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Examination of the trends in popular American culture including religious, social, political and personal. Supplemented with two highly informative articles on these trends.