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Immigration in the US: Economic Impact

Discuss the economic impact of immigration in the United States.

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To summarize in 300 words the impact of immigration in the dynamics of the economy of a country is a tall order - it is a topic that's pretty broad - rich in history, subtopics that range from multicultural diversification, socio political effects and the effects in trends - from financial to market demands. I will stick to one viewpoint then - the sociological and from this I am sure you can segway into sub topics and related subjects. Thank you for using Brainmass. Word version is attached for easy printing.

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Immigration & Economic Impact

History tells us that the American nation is a nation of immigrants from the time of the earliest settlers up to now where migration constantly adds a multicultural 'flavour', dimension in the fabric of American Society. Society is a particular group of people sharing an identity, a government, a culture, a set of traditions, a way of life - a history. The American Nation is a 'society' and any new addition to this said society must assimilate, take part, be a part of, blend into the society. It doesn't mean though ...

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The solution, which is an essay following the APA-format discusses concisely, from a sociological viewpoint, the impact of immigration to the US as a nation economically. References are provided.