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    Social Isolation Issue: Treatment

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    Identify one potential issue that a client might have when starting treatment from the following five categories (unemployment, low assertiveness, social isolation, excessive aggression, and physical pain).

    2) Create a goal statement for the issue.

    3) Select one or more technique you would use for the goal statements (model presentation, behavior rehearsal, cognitive methods, providing information) and describe why you selected this technique.

    Use the example below as a format for the following five potential issues (unemployment, low assertiveness, social isolation, excessive aggression, and physical pain).


    Issue: Sam has been working as a manual labor his entire life. Last month he was injured, resulting in him not being able to perform manual labor. Sam is feeling stressed about finding work in another field. He wants to get work as soon as possible because he is the only person earning an income in the family.

    Goal Statement: Assist Sam in connecting to local agencies that can help him in job training and finding a job in a new profession.

    Technique: Providing information. I chose this technique because Sam needs help finding out information about disability payments as well as finding job training programs in new professions.

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