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    Conflict Resolution & Conflict Style

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    Describe a time when the climate of a situation clearly had a negative or positive impact on conflict in which you were involved. Describe the conflict situation and the climate in sufficient detail.

    What is your preferred conflict style? What is your least preferred conflict style? What is your conclusion about these styles?

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    I believe what this question is asking is what the circumstances were around you. So, if you were in conflict with someone in the middle of the office environment with many people around you, how would this be different than in a private situation where you were one on one. Or, if you were having a conflict with a student during a field trip, how is this different than in the school setting.

    I have had conflicts with students when we were out of the school building, on a field trip, and this is difficult. It is particularly difficult if I am the only adult present except maybe the ...

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    The solution is a narrative that provides a set of 'sample analysis' in response to the original questions posted (a personal experience in relation to conflict and conflict management) from a teacher's viewpoint/personal experience. Included are experiences of various work-related conflicts and reflection on conflict style used to mediate or negotiate an issue.