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    Mediation, Confidentiality & ADR Methods

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    Hi OTA,
    Please assistance with me questions below. Could you please provide 250 words count for question 1 and 2.

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    Discussion Question # 1 (wk4)
    Why is confidentiality an important element in mediation? What are some of the ways that confidentiality is protected in mediation?

    Discussion Question #2 (wk2)
    What are the pros and cons of mediation versus negotiation and litigation?

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    Confidentiality and Mediation

    Mediation is an intense process. It can get very personal in cases where conflict between individuals in families is mediated. Items, interests and concerns discussed must be protected in the course of the communication and mediation process. This is so that it encourages trust. All parties going into mediation must be able to trust the process at the very least even if they don't trust each other. Confidentiality allows for this to work, giving the parties confidence in the protection of their individual interests allowing them to communicate fully & openly (Burnley & Lascelles, 2004). Legally, lawyers and their clients are bound by confidentiality laws. This is the same with mediation - statements made in the course of conciliation is protected with ...

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