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    Diversity, strategy, competition and business success.

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    Please help me with the questions below. I need 300 words per questions. please provide examples. The answers to the questions could be very simplistic.

    Considering the trends of growth in diversity among Europe, Asia, and the United States, what trends are most likely to pose the greatest challenges to competition and business success, and how do you recommend that successful organizations prepare to meet those challenges?

    If diversity awareness can be used as a successful strategy within an organization's operations, can it also be used by businesses to create a competitive advantage in applications for business consumers? If so, how? If not, why not?

    Thank you.

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    1. Language use and targeting the right market. In both cases, it is knowledge about the region and the people that will help business meet the challenges. Not every culture or group is going to understand the "slang" or intended meanings of language that is less formal. Understanding this allows for multiple versions or ideas to evolve that can target language issues. Not all people in China speak one kind of Chinese and to assume so, will ...

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