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    Intercultural Communication Issue: Same-language Barriers

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    How is it possible that individuals speaking the same language may confront cultural barriers to communication? Please discuss one of these languages argot, colloquialisms, euphemisms, jargon and/or slang. .

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    Intercultural Communication Issue: Same-language Barriers

    Sharing or speaking in a similar language (i.e. English) does not assure complete understanding or efficient communication between speakers engaged in a communication or a dialogue all the time. The issue here is that while the language is shared, people have very unique cultural traditions and socialization creating barriers in meaning making. People of different cultures have very different ideas and interpretations of ...

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    The solution provides a discourse on intercultural communication issues in relation to same-language barriers. Examples in relation to meaning creation and the problem of meaning being lost in translation are provided concisely and comprehensively. References are provided. A word version is attached for easy printing.