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    Mediator Interview

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    Include the following information:

    ? Agency or organization and title of the interviewee

    ? Describe the mediation role this individual plays within the agency

    ? Describe the populations served by this agency

    ? Describe a mediation model or template that is used with each population. Is the mediator speaking on behalf of the client or assisting the client in speaking for him or herself.

    ? Describe how this individual became involved in the role of mediator

    ? Ask the interviewee to describe what is most rewarding about his/her work

    ? Ask what he/she would change about his or her job if it were possible to do so

    ? Ask this person to identify the reason he or she became a mediator

    ? Ask how his/her personal values affect upon the performance of the duties required

    ? Ask how different this responsibility is from what he/she expected when starting the position

    ? Importance of:
    o Neutrality-impartiality
    o Confidentiality
    o Control of mediator bias
    o Limitations of the mediator and conflict of interest
    o Scope of power

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    The solution below is only a 'sample' and is not based on any actual individual but their stereotype. Good luck!

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    Mediator Interview


    Donna Phillips, 35 is an experienced mediator in family matters. She is a Senior Mediator for Family Resolutions, Inc. and is experienced in negotiating in Divorce matters including division of assets and custody of children. She had been working as a Divorce mediator for 11 years. Before that she was a Social Worker for the State of Washington specialising in Child Care and rehabilitation for children who experienced the trauma of Child Custody and divorce. Her training and academic background is Social Care with a BA in Social Work. She had taken up further studies in family law. Her company serves families and individuals who need assistance in divorce issues. Her company is also used as a consulting party in difficult divorces where the danger of violence and trauma between the parties and their children are imminent. Donnas' responsibility is usually to handle the issue of child ...

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    The solution is a sample interview of a career mediator experienced in negotiating in Divorce matters including division of assets and custody of children. The questions provided in original problem is tackled (see long description) including her personal and professional background, the importance of neutrality and confidentiality as well as the challenges faced in mediation. The solution follows the APA format, references are provided. The solution follows the APA format. References are provided.