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    Paper Outline: Symbolism of Genitals in Mythology

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    I am having trouble trying to write an outline. I have started one. Is a formal outline suppose to have 700 words? Is his correct? Where should i improve? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Dear Student,
    Dont worry toomuch about the word count that you have racked up in putting together this formal paper outline. Your concern should be its overall appearance and presentation. Formal outlines must appear as general representations of what your final paper will look like and contain and I have rewritten some parts of your paper as well as tackled certain sections and added parts/edited wrods to make your outline appear formal, academially speaking. If you are following the APA format, the outline I have provided for you with each particular section covers all that you need. Do not forget to follow the following when providing the references in print:

    Author, date of publication, name of work/title, publisher.

    Good Luck and Thank you for using brainmass! Attached is the word version for easy printing.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Paper Title: Symbolism ...

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    The solution provides guidance to the student in approaching the subject matter 'Symbolism of Genitals in Mythology' and presenting this subject in a paper. Starting from Introduction to the body f the research/paper to discussions/Analysis and set of references, the solution does not only provide a framework but topics of discussion, what myths, tales could be used, the significance of each story or situation in said story to the topic. This outline is intended to guide the student in the right direction to write and research a comprehensive paper on said subject matter.