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Symbolism as an art movement

A description of three Symbolism works is included. Ideas to describe basic facts, as well as the visual appearance of the work (what does the viewer see?), are also presented.

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As you choose a movement, you might select Symbolism. As you talk about it, research shows that it was a direct reaction against "rationalism and materialism that had come to dominate Western European culture" (

First, you might choose the piece called" Oedipus and the Sphinx," from 1864 by Gustave Moreau at You might note that Moreau's piece is representative of this movement since it favors the presentation of emotion. It shows the interplay of the two key figures as they are fighting and passionate with their strong, intense embrace. Their stance, too, is indicative of Symbolism.

Instead of the classic story, Moreau's adaptation of the story shows bits and pieces of the dead ...

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Three pieces from this genre are researched.