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    Cubist pieces of art

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    Three Cubist artists and pieces are compared and contrasted using resesearch.

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    As you choose three works of art that are from the same time period or style and that have a similar theme, I like Cubism as a model. As you create your final paper, please send to us for editing and feedback:

    First, as you overview key concepts in Cubist art, you might look at how multiple points of view are used and emphasized. Please browse this link for more ideas: www.artcyclopedia.com/history/cubism.html).

    As you define the genre, please note that it was an early 20th-century school of painting and sculpture. It emphasized that subject matter "is portrayed by geometric forms without realistic detail, stressing abstract form at the expense of other pictorial elements largely by use of intersecting often transparent cubes and cones" (http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/glo/cubism).

    You might first use "Violin and Playing Cards" by Juan Gris. Cubism is used here as he applies "broad, angular, overlapping planes" ...

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    Three works of art from the same time period or style are cited as a model.