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    Intervention Models

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    Explore a women's shelter, a half-way house, a hospital, an agency, or a human services department of a company where behavioral and/or cognitive interventions or models are used. Some areas to explore:

    1. What population participates in the program?
    2 Who presents the program or interventions?
    3. How is the effectiveness of their interventions measured?

    1. How did they determine a need for the program?
    2. Do they have plans for other programs or interventions which use behavioral or cognitive models and techniques?
    3. What other models and theories are represented in their programs?

    Submit a 3-4 page APA formatted report, detailing the information you gathered and briefly describing your reactions and feelings about the program.
    ? In addition the paper should compare the framework of theoretical approach as presented in the text or other peer-reviewed authority with the approach provided by the organization.

    4. (Except for the section of the paper documenting personal reactions and feelings, do not write the report using a 1st or 2nd person narrative style.)

    5. Introduction and conclusion should provide an overview of materials presented in the paper.

    Parrott III, L. (2003). Counseling and psychotherapy (2nd ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole/Thomson Learning.

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    Therapy, Counseling & Protection Program for former Women Sex Slaves

    The Magdalene Program

    This particular program is unique because its focus is on an extreme subject of former sex workers- women who have been pimped under the heading of 'sex slaves'. They usually start young and are in the position they were in because they trusted a boyfriend, a friend and a husband due to their lot n life - poverty, runaways compounded by low self-esteem that allows for easy control of their persons; their vulnerability were exploited. Women who were smuggled into the country promised with a better life ending up in the sex trade, teenagers tricked into prostitution and drug dependencies, wives traded by their husband's monetary gain. The connotation of slaves explains the nature of their position. At the time when they were active in the sex trade, they were powerless to do anything about it. Whatever their restraints, physical, emotional, chemical, social - they had no choice other than uncertainty, fear or to look the other way and take all the abuse that comes with being a slave worker comes with the faintest hope of survival/rescue, a lot like the infamous 'comfort women' the Japanese took for the purposes of sex when they invaded and captured much of Asia during WW2. They picked the most attractive local women from the captured populace and kept them in a sort of common 'harem' for their soldiers. Up till now, the scars of many of said comfort women haven't healed and it has taken a while for the Japanese government to recognize said abuses.

    This program is run not by a halfway home but by a Christian Charity. Spiritual healing contributes much to overall therapy and influences much of the emotional, physical and mental aspect. The charity believes that the tenets of faith will enable these women to fight their demons and rebuild themselves. Just to make sure however they also employ licensed clinicians and therapists to oversee the more 'expert' and clinical aspects of it. All expenses are paid for ...