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    The American Image

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    Hi, Ms Jones, You had helped me understand a question on The American Image - How will America be viewed by its people and the International Community with reference to the shift in American Leadership?" but now I think I understood what I needed to do was not the same..

    I am attaching what was written to me on this, can you tell me why I am so confused. I do not know what this person is trying to say.

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    My Dear Student,
    The nature of this solution is a guide/advice. I decided to interpret the attachment and analyze it so as to identify what it is really about, how we can locate it in your topic of research and why it appears so confusing for you. Before you tackle the solution, please have a copy of the first solution I created (leadership & politics) at hand, either printed or on the screen. It is integral to the explanation and guide I am giving below. I hope that this solution-guide will be effective in such a way that it makes sense of things for you. Sorry for the delay - I was undecided on whether to create an advice/guide or an analysis of the problem and present it into an essay form myself. In the end however I believe that explaining it to you this way is more beneficial for you as it explains the research process to you and hopefully makes sociology as a subject just that much less confusing. Good luck on your paper.

    Your Initial Work/Attachment:

    My interpretation of our goal is to consider, sociologically, how our society will be affected by the inauguration. I think you may be looking too specifically: in other words, not the actual event itself, i.e. the swearing in; the security; the Balls.... we need to consider more the social affect the event may or may not cause from the perspective "who is being sworn in".

    Consider President Obama....... His inauguration brings with it many issues...... America's first black president; He appears to be far more charismatic than our last president and thus public poles are already indicating a huge approval rating... and for what? He has only been in office a few days!!! Why is he having such an effect on our society?

    I can personally state that while I did vote for McCain, for purely irrational reasons.... I hope he would kick off and Palin would be Pres.... I figure at this point if men could not get things right maybe a woman could..... Sorry kind of off topic.... ;-)

    As President Obama was sworn I could not help but be somewhat emotional from the stand point that our nation has finally done what it "claimed" it could for nearly 50 years... appoint a black man to president.... as well this gave me a more positive feeling about our country and that maybe we can get ourselves out this mess; not only financially but also with respect to becoming a more caring nation to its peoples.

    His inauguration has had an effect on me and it has been more for the positive. Therefore, since I had found a research article pertaining to social affect of a female president I figured we could use that as our take on the social effects of ...